Friday, May 09, 2014

More like me

I forget how long it takes to feel like 'me' again after having a baby. Asher is now 5 months and i realized two weeks ago i thought man this feels like 'me'. Didn't know i wasn't me.  Then this past wednesday i took shepherd to an empty Let's Jump in the morning and after he woke early from his nap i said...lets go to the zoo!! He has been talking about the zoo loads cause we watch a curious George episode about the zoo and his cousin Eleanor has a T-shirt from a zoo she went to and told him all about it last week.

Wednesday is half price day and when we got there no one was taking money to park! Kids are free 2 and under so it was a whopping $6 for us all!! Thought about asking friends to go but i didn't think anyone would be ready to be so spontaneous :)

Last time we went with friends we missed the baby elephant by like 15 mins. So i was really hurrying to get there in time. We did and when we say them shepherd kept saying loudly 'baby elephant' in his sweet small voice and half words.

Its hard to see but there are two baby elephants with their mommas :) They are waiting at the gate to be let in to somewhere...i guess their 'homes'. It was fun and Shepherd loved it! 

This time of day i nap time for most animals so we didn't see much action but just being there and walking around was fun. Hearing Shepherd get excited about something and try to tell me something about it was just a joy. 

Penguins are my favorite animals i must say but i was saddened by their lack of energy and wondered if they felt like the Penguins from Madagascar movies, crazy and unnatural.

It was a pretty humid day but nothing like the summers here so we enjoyed it. Asher sat quietly in the stroller the whole day. When we were at the petting zoo part i checked on him and he was all sweat.

Forgot that one can get hot while just sitting and not getting any breeze. So i carried him around for a bit to get some air. :) We had a blast and i don't ever want to miss out on taking my boys somewhere fun or different. I want to create memories with them and for them. As i keep feeling more and more like 'me' i look forward to more fun moments. Not every day will be crazy like that one but every once in a while a spontaneous trip to the zoo must be had! 

What is the best spontaneous thing you have done with your kids?
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