Friday, May 23, 2014

Weeks 3 and 4

The past few weeks are still whirling around me and i hardly have time to think keeping things straight. Thankfully the house is coming along! The inside is all sheet rocked and ready for paint that we will do after they are finished. Cabinets will be put in next week, as well as toilets and hopefully our septic tank.

The outside is nearly done, just need our shutters and some bricks to fill in holes. (pictures from our neighbors, cause we can't make it out there everyday)




Its exciting cause more and more things keep getting done while more and more projects keep popping in my head :) fun projects! 

Went to lowes this morning with Asher to get our mailbox. With every little thing that gets done it feels more and more like home. 

thanks for taking time to look and be excited for us! its been a fun journey to share!! :) 

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