Thursday, June 26, 2014

7 months

This little guy is 7 months! With so much happening it snuck up on me. When he hit six months i realized i hadn't started feeding him food yet! With Shepherd i was trying stuff at four months and so excited to start. With Asher i was like oh man now i have to start that! LOL 

Adorable and sweet would be two words i would use to describe him! He wants to walk so bad! Crawling is for babies and this guy doesn't think he is one. He gets so frustrated if you watch him crawl, its like he is saying why aren't you helping me? Stand me up so i can walk! 

He is waiting for the new house too, where his new crib will be waiting for him since his basinet is shrinking everyday as he grows. Hopefully he won't be one by the time we move in :)

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