Monday, July 28, 2014


Since the last post i took the two boys to Virginia for 10 days. Boy was that exhausting! They did great on the flight out and slept pretty good. Asher is at the three naps a day time so we were pretty strapped to my mom's house. Which is fine just limits what we can do. We went to the pool once with my sister and her kids, went to the mall twice for the play area, got to see two of my college friends and one life long friend, and took two days to go to the beach.  The flight back to Texas was so hard cause i was so tired and had no patience. Thankfully my mom came with so no meltdowns happened.

Took advantage of the beach to snap some pictures of the boys.  

We landed and kimmel drove us to the new house! We were delighted to come to the house but it still wasn't finished. I had lots of calls and little projects to accomplish before it was livable. I have tried for three days now to write a post after getting your weird email setup -being in the country we had only two options, neither were wireless or cable lol- It took asher a couple days to get comfortable here an now he glides all over in the walker. Shepherd loved seeing his new room with all his stuff and had no problem sleeping. I wondered if he would ask about why we don't live with Layla and Opa anymore but he hasn't. I can tell her really misses them when he sees them though so i know he got a special bond from those two years sharing a house with them. 

We are glad to be home and I'm glad the projects are dwindling down each day. Haven't hung anything on the walls yet, we just keep cleaning and organizing closets and junk. The goodwill will be receiving lots from this family! 

Phew! We are home! 

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