Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tiny House

When we started this roller coaster ride two years ago our family motto was "live like no one else, so you can live like no one else later." Taken from Dave Ramsey and his debt free teachings. We were chasing a dream and it was fun and exciting at first but during this year of actual building and planning our house i have learned that i am a true selfish, entitled american! blah i hate even writing that!

When we started the build we built to the amount of what we could afford monthly, kimmel figured out the numbers, i was lucky to find a small plan that didn't feel apartment like or just awkward flow.  When talking to people about it i found my self being embarrassed or explaining why we didn't have an extra room for an office or why the boys will be sharing a room. I didn't like that feeling. I didn't like thinking my "dream home" really wasn't the right size. I asked the Lord to help me be content with what we can not compare and worry what others think.

Was skimming thru Netflix the other day during the boys nap time, thinking just maybe there is something worth watching. Saw the documentary "Tiny", about a guy who has purchased land in colorado and wants to build a house (124 sq ft) on a trailer.

Apparently there is a whole movement of people building these tiny houses. Due to regulations in the places they build putting it on a trailer makes it legal. It was very interesting. They not only talked with the guy and his girlfriend building this house, but even the guy who was one of the first people to do this. They had some really great things to say and reasons why they did it. A couple things that really stuck with me was one guy said, "its not about a magic number of square feet but making those square feet truly useful". Another girl said when living like this you eliminate things down to what truly is essential, and that we as americans buy things to feel better, and bigger is better. These people were sweet and relaxed people. It truly was interesting. If you have an hour i suggest you watch! 

I am a product of HGTV and Pinterest. Loving and wanting all these nice looking things except it just isn't cheap. We all think we deserve the best for cheap. I know i do! We had a sweet friend hook us up with a great discount on wood floor for the living area so we were able to stay in budget with our floors and get something nice. Its good to have a reality check of where you truly are, and even more to think about the world bigger than the US and realize that some families are lucky to have house with dirt floors. 

With this documentary and other things the Lord has been showing me i truly am working on making all the square feet count and cleaning out my closets -so to speak. Gonna throw away some stuff! Super excited and if you want to come play on our land or sit in my kitchen and chat please let me know! We would love to have you! 
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