Friday, September 12, 2014

back on line

We had some issues with the last internet company that we started to use and it utterly failed. It took about a month to find and get the new connection up and running. We used our phones for some things but kinda lost touch on bigger things. In the mean time life kept going and the boys kept growing!

Shepherd 'helped' me take Asher's 9 month pictures. We went out by our barn on the overcast afternoon yesterday. He laughed at Shepherd so much we got some fun stuff!

Caught them both checking out the box of goodies. They were drawn to the little toggle on the front. Its fun to see their similarities cause they are pretty opposite from each other. 

We are loving the country life and super excited about the fall weather coming in! We hope to get more decorations on the walls and continue unpacking sometime soon. For now we have empty walls but full hearts.
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