Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Splish splash

So we live 25 mins from a man made lake with a beach area and being the water lover i am we try to go once a week. Asher will just walk straight out into the water and put is face in it if i don't hold on to him! Our boys are pretty fearless when it comes to water.

Since Texas is our home, its hot for a good part of the year and the water isn't too cold, we get to enjoy this thru out the year. We were the one of two families there this morning, and last two times we went we were the only family there! Gonna milk all these nice empty days cause summer will be swamped with families I'm sure. 

When the boat came by we tried to jump the little waves as they came in to shore.  Shepherd did good asher just splashed them with his hands and then face. :) 

Two cute little water bugs! Cant wait for all the water adventures ahead with them! 

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