Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Asher Kingsley

Its been a year! Asher is a year! Can you believe it? He is our little salsa dancer that wobbles back and forth from room to room playing and babbling all day long.

Thankful for this little guy.  More and more of his personality comes out daily amid all the grunts and ooo's as we try to understand him.  He belly laughs at Shepherd now at random silly things he does. Its adorable! It sometimes tickles shepherd too that he can't stop laughing with/at him. 

We will be on the road today driving to visit Kimmel's granddad and extend family in east Texas, so we did the smash cake last night. Asher wasn't a huge fan of the cake, we had to ask Shepherd to show him that its yummy. A request he did not have a problem obeying. I'm sure as Asher gets older he will love cake too. 

Hope you get to spend time with your loved ones today or tomorrow and its a special time! Happy Thanksgiving y'all! :) 

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