Monday, November 03, 2014

off day

If you watch any tv I'm sure you have seen this commercial but it is by far my favorite right now and makes me laugh every time! :D

My favorite is when she says 'i should totally start a blog'! Its so true that there is an expectation for us SAHM (stay at home mom) to do a blog. To write inspirational wise things that everyone will love, like and share on social media. I know cause i have tried to do that....but i can only muster up about once a month of anything inspiring for anyone to read! Or find time to do it! Mostly this blog is for family keeping up with us since all mine is back in VA and now we live near no family. 

I know i have had days like this commercial shows and I'm sure you have too! (cue spiritual connection) Like this lady who has allstate to call when she messed up her car, we have God to call on when our day is messed up! :) so thankful for that! 

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