Saturday, November 22, 2014

two many birthdays :)

Man i am really out of shape with keeping up with the blog. It is a habit that i have dropped and can't seem to pick up well yet. Thanks to you who read this still! :)

This month seems to have become our month of birthdays for friends and family. Kimmel's best friends' is on the 27, 4 from his family and My best friend's since first grade is the 13th, while another best friend, from college is the 15th and couple others i noticed on Facebook.

Yesterday was Kimmel's bday! 29 years old. He went to work with homemade cards and blueberry muffins in his new shirt. He spoke at FCA in the morning at his middle school! Said it went really well. We have plans for dinner and Mockingjay over the weekend to celebrate!

Last weekend we celebrated the newest addition to our birthday month Asher.

Found a cute teepee invitation and went with that for the theme. 

The best gift of all my sister flew in for it and surprised us all!! So much fun! The boys loved having her over and when we took her to the airport, sweet little shepherd cried he didn't want his Debbie to leave. 

The many birthdays remind me of the purpose this month, to be thankful. I'm thankful for all the birthdays and fun we get to share! 
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