Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowed in

Tried to do pictures with the boys yesterday in the falling snow in the afternoon, but asher fell with in the first seconds of us being out there...

He wouldn't let go of my hand, so i had to put him inside and he kept crying. I guess it was just too traumatizing. Shepherd really didn't want anything to do with it either so back inside we went. Short and no fun. 

Today we tried again and it was a bit more successful. Not much playing for them, Asher kept crying. We pulled them in a box sled and Shepherd liked it but Asher not so much. Hoping its an age thing. :(

Kimmel decided to burn some of his brush pile today.

Did i mention asher was crying :(

I think we had fun :) Hope you and your family did too!

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