Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Third birthday

Shepherd is three today. This little man is such a blessing in so many ways. Also to be fair he drives me crazy too! Starting to say 'No thank you" when i ask him to do something and he doesn't want to.  Then 5 minutes later helping me find Asher's juice, toy or something. He is definitely a social bug, always wanting someone to share in the fun he is having. He talks a lot which makes me wonder if he will get 'excessive talking' on his school reports like me in school :/

We celebrated last night with friends and family in Keller at a fun kid spot called Celebration. Thanks to great gran Mimi and great gran June and Bob for giving toward his bday! He didn't eat dinner cause he played the whole time but he ate a cupcake! :)

Tried for a picture of all the kids and this is what we got...

Just seconds later we lost them all :) 

We are so very thankful for this little man and all he comes with! We have fun playing and being silly as well as snuggling up to a good movie or book. He is a good big brother its fun to watch their friendship grow. 

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