Thursday, March 19, 2015

breaking routine

I kind of like routines. I am sure i like it more than a spontaneous person but the routine of wet weather is getting me down! Mostly cause we live on a dirt road and we get stuck if its too this last week was awesome! 

The other morning we were out as the sun was coming up jumping, swinging and playing in the sand. My enjoyment of photography was sparked again after meeting with another photographer where the conversation was very encouraging, so i am playing with my camera again while the boys play. 

We started out with shepherd directing me: 

Take my picture jumping off like a big man momma 

Take picture of me running: 

Take picture of me here in these flowers ...and take picture of the clouds. 

Then he was done and wanted to play in the sand box :) He is a goober! 
then i got to play.


I will take mornings and days like these any day and I'm soaking it up cause i know the texas summer is coming and i do not do well in that! Grrr :) 

Here's to enjoying the two weeks of spring we get! lol

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