Saturday, April 11, 2015

Three little boys

I have had a two 'dreams' for life that started way back when i was little. To live near the ocean and raise a house full of boys. One out of two isn't bad?

On National Sibling day (yesterday) we took shepherd to our 20 week sono for baby number 3! He just didn't believe us when we would say, 'there's a baby in mommy's tummy'. He would sweetly say "no there isn't". So i thought even though he may not be able to really tell whats on the screen at least he would get the idea of the X-ray of mommy's tummy and believe the dr! It is coming to our family in August so thought he should be ready.

We didn't not post for a specific reason really. Im always a bit more hesitant til after the first trimester due to our past, but then after that it was like i couldn't figure out how i wanted to post it. Excited about our third edition i just had to make it spectacular! lol We told family and close friends but i just wanted it to be great of fun or involve the boys somehow. But i was so tired that i never did. Then it was just a sweet secret we were treasuring in our hearts!

We found out it was a boy, which shepherd proudly pointed out to my mom on the sono pic when we got home! Now He believes and is excited for baby Jack. He told me this morning that 'Baby Jack can have my giraffe mommy, he be careful with it, its special to me'. I thanked him and asked will you help me hold baby Jack and He said "yes mommy i be so careful with baby" :)

Three little boys who stole my heart... Isn't that how a mothers story starts? Yesterday was a big day for us and Kimmel's sister who also found out the gender of their sweet baby! total of 5 cousins and only one girl :) what fun to be had!

If only we all lived by the ocean?!?!! :D

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