Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jack Kaleb

Its been almost two weeks since we added Jack to our family. In some ways it feels so normal and like he has been here for ever! I am soaking up every minute of it let me tell you! Wanted to share some pictures from that day. Our good friend Dustin offered to take pictures when the family came to  meet him, we were very thankful for that! 

The boys came up when i all was done and we were in recovery, so they wouldn't be up there all day! We had to get the boys t-shirts for the big day! Shepherd picked out the big 'digger' and asher got a fox. Biggest brother and big brother. We have a small onesie for the little guy too that says little brother, he'll wear it soon. 

My mom got cupcakes for us to celebrate his birth! So visitors could have a yummy treat! We left some for the nurses when we left and they were VERY thankful! 

Gia and Layla's first look and kisses! Opa and family hold and snuggle the newest addition 

He's perfect in every way!

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