Friday, September 11, 2015

One month

Is it really just one month ago that we brought Jack home? I felt like i hit the ground running when i got home. The two oldest are so busy and active. We didn't have any family come stay with us and kimmel went back to work on Monday and my mom went to work on Tuesday so it was me and the boys pretty quick. I was still sore and super tired but felt bad i wasn't interacting as much with the know just had major surgery! lol Our home team was really sweet to bring us dinner for the first week so that was nice to not think about meals. Kimmel's mom came out two days end of the week to play with the older two. It was a crazy time but i think things are going smooth now.

One thing is for sure, Jack is a cutie and I'm smitten! Its funny to do this newborn phase again for the third time, I still feel so inexperienced at times. Thankful that he is pretty easy going and nurses really well. Jack is a grunter and a mover. He loves it when the boys hold him, or at least it seems he just lays there trying to look at them. We stayed in newborn size clothes til this week, we lasted a whole month! Not sure we did with the other two.

Went to the two week check up with a new dr and she told me two very important things: First, make a list of things needed to be done so when anyone says, Let me know how i can help, you are prepared! Secondly remember to spend one on one time with your other two boys. She brought tears to my eyes when she said this. Im a quality time person so that speaks loud to me and my heart, and that is very important to me and my boys. So I'm thankful she encouraged me in that way, one can get extremely tunnel vision on the newborn.

The boys are super sweet with him, they want to hold him anytime he is awake. Its really sweet and i am thankful they like him and want him around!

Shepherd seems so old now. He wants to help and do things all by himself. So i'm trying to find that good balance of letting him do things on his own and still helping cause he isn't quite big enough. Seems like most days we are dealing with sharing toys with these two, you would think they would get it after one day :D LOL

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