Monday, November 23, 2015

Asher turns two

Our middle boy hits two this week, this year on thanksgiving day. Had his party this past weekend on Kimmel's birthday, so we had a joint celebration.

This sweet little quite boy is changing so much. He likes to tell me no now, and disobey. haha He also is funny, loves music & dancing as well as reading books. Always says 'Thank you momma" without prompting and sometimes gives kisses when asked. The other day I was trying to get something down from the top shelf in the kitchen the other day and he said 'crful mom' (careful mom). Sweet thing just wanted me to be safe.

This little guy loves being outside. All day everyday. Digging in the dirt with his hands and jumping on the trampoline. Its fun to watch him tell a story his facial expressions are so cute. One thing is for sure this summer he learned the art of not wearing a shirt, or clothes for that matter. Now that its gotten colder he doesn't last quite as long out side.

Super cute thing he does, when he gives a high five he says "boom".  I'm pretty sure Kimmel taught him that but i missed that lesson so when he did it for the first time to me i was taken aback and it made me chuckle. 

We are lucky people to have this little boy in our family! 

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