Monday, December 14, 2015

30 something

Today i turn 38. That is two years from 40! Didn't see that happen :) I thought about blogging on eight things i have learned since 30 or eight wisest things i have heard, you know important stuff. But what i found my soul longing to share was a verse from the bible that spoke to me sophomore year of high school.

It was this year my peers voted me as their sophomore "princess" for homecoming court. I went to a small private school so they asked us girls to pick a 'life' verse so they could read it as we walked out with our escort. I chose Hebrews 3:13

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you would be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."

Little did i realize that this verse would continue to speak to me for the next twenty years. I can honestly say that i have forgotten about it as life gets busy and crazy or just plain distracting. But this last week i have been reminded of the importance of encouraging each other.

This past week i took the three boys to a lab for blood work to be done and as we waited this sweet grandma who had sat with us and now was done walked by and said to me, "well all i know is that you are a spectacular lady. These boys are just precious." then she said hi to shepherd and left.

Later as we were leaving with carseat on one arm and holding the other two hands a sweet gentleman got up from his seat and opened the door to the outside for us. I said thank you so much! and he replied "sure, you have your hands full!" And then Sunday at church i had Jack strapped on me with a coffee and diaper bag in my hands walking towards the nursing room and a sweet young man walked thru the doors to which i noticed remained open and as i walked thru he was holding the door. I was surprised so i said 'oh wow thank you!" and he said "well i saw you coming so i thought i would help"

All three of these things spoke to my heart the love and sweetness of our Father. I don't know if the first two know Jesus or not I'm assuming the guy at church does. But all of them shared love and encouragement to me. Those simple selfless acts were a lot. This verse says how much power it has. It keeps us from hardening our hearts and therefore being deceived by sin.

Today there is a lot going on in our world and society that is causing people to scream and shout and say ugly things. It doesn't help. It just makes the situations worse. If we all could remember that encouragement is better for us even when we disagree, we wouldn't be so hateful!

Pepsi got it, they do that commercial where one person sees a kind act so they in turn do one and it goes on and on and how it makes everyone happy. I hear a lot about people paying for drinks or meals for others and the recipient is nothing but delighted.

Lets vow to encourage each other daily...cause we don't know how long we have anyway ...why not make our last day a happy and encouraging one! Sometimes your one small act of kindness could spark a revolution!
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