Monday, January 11, 2016

5 months

We have made it thru the Holidays, a crazy fast job change for Kimmel and more rain destroying our dirt road! Getting back into the swing of the new normal and we celebrate Jack being 5 months today. Our fun little last born is growing and changing each day. We found two little bottom teeth cut thru this past month and he found his two fingers and sucks on them like candy.

One thing that i love from the christmas story is the verse about Mary. Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. I think this sums up motherhood for a lot of us. We soak up and store away so many little things in our hearts that just makes the love for our babies grow. I have some memories that are unique to Shepherd and Asher and now i am storing up treasures for Jack.

His smile. He is such a happy baby, and when he looks at me he smiles with his whole body. He gets so excited he wiggles his arms and legs and sometimes just squeals :) Its so sweet when we are somewhere with loads of people and he locks eyes with me and smiles like ok I'm ok.

His smell. Babies all have different smells to them. I will never forget my nephew's scent when he was a baby cause he was the first i ever noticed it on. Its not soap or lotion but their skin scent. I love it and smell him daily to remember the scent no matter how slight.

His poop. Now bear with me on this one. It has a sweet/vinegar smell to it. He is only eating breastmilk still and once food is entered into the equation i know it will change, and it will no longer be sweet. It will be toddler smell which is really like grown man smell and i am not ready for him to have that! :)

How he watches his brothers. Its fun to see his head swivel around when he hears the other two walk into the room. He watches as they go crazy all around him and sometimes he squeals at them when they are super crazy. I know he will be just as active and crazy but for now its sweet to see him smile at them and watch their every move.

His sleeping. Out of all three boys he is by far the best sleeper. Shepherd and Asher weren't horrible but they definitely were waking up several times at night, difficult to put to sleep and early risers. Jack has already slept thru the night several nights in a row and maybe a couple only fed once. The funny thing is he doesn't cry he just sorta moves around and maybe talks a little but really if i didn't ever look at the monitor at night i wouldn't know he was up. So your thinking why look at the monitor girl??

I'm sure if your a mom you know what i am talking about for some of these. They just remind me how lucky we are to be able to carry them in our bodies, give birth and feed them. Sometimes we forget the little things but they are small treasures that make up our big treasure, our kids!

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