Wednesday, February 03, 2016

4 years old

Today four years ago we were blessed with our first baby boy! Man was it an amazing event. After weeks of being on bed rest in hospital we had a c-section and he was ours for the keeping.

Tonight as i type this, it is becoming clear to me that he has grown too fast! All of life that have happened between now and then is a blur. Trying to treasure each and every milestone. Wanted to share some of our favorite things about him!

1. He is a sweet big brother. Already teaching Asher all kinds of things and always wants to hold baby jack. Sometimes neither of the younger two want to do what he wants and we get tears, but most of the time they get along. Sometimes when Asher won't play the way he wants he says, "mommy Asher hurt my feelings..."

2. He says, 'mom can i ask you question?' then either tells me a story or statement, very rarely its a question. He also squints his eyes and rubs his chin, very pensive like. Sometimes when he is really super excited or into the story/statement/idea he uses his hands, all fingers straight and together pointing to make emphasis on what he is saying.

3. Good listener and great memory even when it does not seem like he is paying attention. As a mom i try to remember where toys are thru out the day cause they always loose them. More times that not HE remembers where he left it..."mom i left it in layla's car under the seat." Low and behold it was. Listens and repeats things we say now...which is mostly bad, you know the word stupid and idiot :( that might be my fault! hahah

4. Sweet talker. When saying goodnight he sometimes just locks eyes with you and says "good night mommy/daddy, I'm going to miss you, see you too-morning."(yes i meant to type that nonsensical word cause its what he says! :) ) When we leave the house for couple hours he says "i really missed you!" He totally noticed when i cut my hair and said "i like your hair mommy it looks good" - without prompting!

All these things and many more make up our sweet little Shepherd. We love him and his outgoing, sweet, loving and kind personality. Can't wait to watch him grow more this next year!
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