Thursday, March 03, 2016

Jump around

We have entered into a new chapter with Kimmel's new job. He will be traveling a lot in the future but for now he is home most days. It has been a lot better than i anticipated. The boys do a great job of not going in our bedroom so he can have a work space. It might be harder on kimmel having to stay in there while we are just so close.

Since he doesn't have to drive home from any office, and due to the amazing weather we have been having, the boys go with him to the trampoline for some post work and pre dinner fun.

I think its been so good for all of them to jump the stress of work away and be crazy little boys with daddy.

Thankful for these little moments and cherishing them while they last. So thankful for the lovely weather as of late...hoping not to get to the 100 degree weather, blah!

Sometimes there are tears...cause daddy kicks you in the face with a ball....or the boys push too hard..but most times its all fun! :) 

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