Wednesday, May 11, 2016

9 months

Another month has breezed by, or i guess i should say washed by, due to all the rain! Blah, so over thunderstorms and tornados! Thankfully jack has no clue about weather and storms. We all know something bout allergies right now though! Me and all three the boys have congested faces. :( Hoping it passes quickly.

This little nugget just keeps on growing. Started waving a little bit and still does the bashful tuck when you try to talk to him :) Likes to stand but not really interested in crawling. Talking a bit more...we get Mama and Dada out of him sometimes. Mostly just gibberish and yelling at his brothers.

His laughter is contagious and i can't stop tickling him to hear it :) Enjoying every day with this chill little baby. Thankful he is part of our family!

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