Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10 months

We were in Virginia when our little Jack turned 10 months.  My nephew Noah graduated from High School and i had my 20 year high school reunion. It was a crazy 10 days but we all made it. We spent lots of time with my sister and her kids, the boys loved playing with all the new toys and fun cousins.

Mom wanted a picture with all her grandkids, so at my sisters' house one day we snapped a couple but it was super hot so none of the kids lasted long :) 

We took one morning to spend on the beach and the boys loved it, jack not so much he cried when i put his feet in the water and the sand. Took them to the spot i would drive to during high school. It was overcast and super windy but we had a blast. We met my friends Monica and Rob with their twins. Asher played in the sand with all the toys our friends brought and shepherd ran in and out of the water having a blast! 

We had a blast even if we were all so exhausted and cranky :( 

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