Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jack Extraction

So a year ago lil Jack joined our family! That morning as kimmel was taking pictures of all the little moments up to the birth he made a hashtag #jackextraction and it made me laugh! Since i was having a C section it made sense...he only did it for two pictures but still it was perfect.

A year later and its been amazing. This little happy guy is such a fun addition to our family. The boys love him and still love to hold him even thought jack can't stand it! Through out the day i hear both the big boys saying 'no jack' or 'uh ah don't touch that jack'...i then ask, who is the mommy? He apparently has 2 extras.

Sweet lovable little Jack. We are so very thankful for you! You keep us laughing and happy as you continue to explore your world and get so very frustrated when you can't keep up with your brothers. Thru all the squeezes and pulls you must know they love you, its just a strange way to show it. Thanks for putting up with them!

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