Thursday, February 05, 2009


I am having a little difficulty with ordering my invitations. I feel like i am being very picky. The invitation sets the mood for the wedding and the way people view us. Most of my family and friends don't know Andrew at all and have never seen a pic. We are doing a picture invitation so they can see us. So then i am challenged with the question, do you make it total classic pose, faces showing and everyone smiling...or the 'artsy' natural moment capture, where you might not be able to see both of our faces if either. I love the way the later looks, but is that the best. Then ordering on line is a beating cause you pay before you see a proof. augh! i am usually laid back...but i am learning there are some things that i wouldn't think bother me...get me nervous. : )
I think the fact that i HAVE to have them by the end of this month is freaking me out too. i know it will get done..its just the first step of actually doing it. A friend helped me the other night looking at stuff on this one site, and i asked for some samples. Hoping that once i get those and can feel the paper and stuff i can choose. Did you know there were like 100s of different types of card stock...and i have to choose between, linen, watercolor, pearl and semi gloss...
At the end of the day (months) i will be married! SWEET!!!
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