Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Reason I love him!

On sundays we arrive at church separately. I have to be there between 730 or 8 depending on the activities that morning and Kimmel comes to the 11 service so we can sit together. He likes to sleep in a bit, read, eat b-fast and have a lovely morning. One thing i have learned he does is he makes the bed! haha i don't make the bed EVERY day and most times its only cause someone is coming over. This sunday i put two and two together, he makes the bed every sunday for us! We also have a 'small group' on sundays and he has been vacuuming and doing the dishwasher UNASKED to help get things ready for our friends to come! :) Its just another reason i love him!

PS don't mind the lack of decorating in the bed room i am still working on that :) 
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