Friday, January 21, 2011

Mysterious Benedict Society

Reading out loud to each other is one of mine and Andrew's favorite past times. When we were dating we read thru the chronicles of Narnia cause i had never read any past The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. They were great books and i actually liked reading out loud haha. 

So the latest book we read is the first of a trilogy by Trent Lee Stewart. Kimmel's mom recommended the books and that was all kimmel needed to know it would be great. He checked out the book from his school library back in september or november and read some before we fell asleep...but i kept falling asleep too fast and he finished the book with out me! Over christmas we purchased the books and i am happy to say WE FINISHED the first one!! 

The last like 3 chapters had me in tears of joy! He made me read it out loud this time so i wouldn't fall asleep and miss it again. So as i am reading i start to get choked up and can't i take a deep breath and speak tearful words of happiness! It is such a great story, adventure, mystery and sweetness all wrapped into a huge 300 page book! Its a great one to read to kids though and i plan to do so one day! 


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