Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date night- Grapevine Lake

Last night we pulled another fun event from our date jar! Kimmel picked this week and it was to take a walk around lake grapevine. This is one of our favorite spots around us. It is where we have had some fun picnics and where he proposed to me 3 decembers ago.

We had coupons for free chickfila sandwiches, so we swung by and got some dinner to take with us. We hadn't been to the lake in a while so we kind of got turned around and found a new spot.  After we ate Kimmel wanted to find 'our spot', so we did. 

It looked completely different. Due to all the rain, the beach area was underwater. We sat down on a log and watched the ducks fight and play. It was a lovely evening. 

It was a fun date night! Kimmel told Shepherd this is where it all began :) Our family. It was here that right before he proposed i jokingly said as he skipped rocks, "the next rock is how many kids we will have" skipped 5 times.  That is really up to Jesus! i might have a thing or two to say about that number lol! 

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