Saturday, May 03, 2014

Stand still to overdrive

If you have been keeping up with us a little bit you know that the last year has been a standstill. Things started to begging back in october 2013 but now we are in full on turbo drive. Last blog i said our contractor said it would take six weeks till we could get in and i half way believed him. But this past week has blown by and we are left with and amazingly almost finished outside!

The end of last week we had the frame.

Then we got the roof framed and some walls. 

This week ended with getting the fireplace, roof, and siding done, brick is where you see the white paper. Windows and doors are in. Still have loads to go but man oh man that was just in a week! 



The boys and i got to go down and walk thru the walls and take pictures! it was so fun! When shepherd see pictures now he shouts ..'HOUSE' :) trying to prepare him for the move!

So thats 2 weeks...maybe 4 left...we shall see!
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