Thursday, February 11, 2016

6 months

We have hit the half year mark. Man i am really thankful for this little guy. He is such a sweet addition to our family. His coos are changing and he yells at the boys now too when he gets excited. He does the shy dive when someone tries to talk to him and I'm holding him, he smiles and dives into my shoulders. Its pretty adorable.

He has his two bottom teeth now, and seems like the others aren't far behind. Drooling and chewing all day long! We are working on sitting up with out help, he sits up when propped up but not alone yet. So we are close to starting solid foods. Gonna give the baby-led weaning a try this time.

He is grabbing at toys and it's funny to see him shake his arm up and down with the toy in it while just looking so serious watching it move. The boys still poke and play with him, i have to keep an eye out cause they get too rough.

He is a sweet smiling little nugget that i can't believe is 6 months. Still cherishing every little thing!
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